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P4 Adventure Camp 2016

This year, the annual P4 Adventure Camp revolved around the theme of 'Beyond Self, Beyond Limits'. Student campers were treated to an experience filled with fun team building games, exciting camp activities and an unforgettable campfire.  

 Through the camp, not only did students forged new friendships, it also boosted their confidence and self-esteem, which in turn empower them to be adaptive to changes and face problems with courage and resilience.  

 Arc Aemand, 4 Joy, “I am proud of myself as I managed to overcome fear by perservering when attempting the high rope obstacles. Though the camp only lasted for three days, the learning I gathered from here will last for a lifetime.”


We are all behind you! Cheering you on



Fear Not! I can do it !!


Can you see our trembling feet?