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Our First Day @ School

4th January was the first day of school year 2016! 

With much joy and excitement, we welcomed our P1 pupils into our Kranji family. Knowing this was our P1 pupils’ first experience in primary-school life, teachers engaged them with activities and creating opportunities for everyone to make new friends. 

We were delighted to see our little Kranjians settling well in school. 

Break the ice! Getting to know one another better. 

ice breaker 1.jpgfirst day of school p2.jpg

first day of school p1.jpg

Line up and we are ready for our first recess in Kranji Primary School!

first day of school p3.jpg

P5 buddies showing care to their P1 friends, preparing them for recess.

buddy programme 1.jpg

buddy programme 2.jpg

buddy programme 3.jpg

A good time for P1 pupils to make friends and be independent.

buddy programme 7.jpgbuddy programme 4.jpg

Smile and Snap! Buddies taking a snapshot together-capturing their happy moment!

Thanks to the photo booth set up by our Parent Support Group.

photo booth 1.jpg

photo booth 2.jpg