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MRL 2016

The MRL Team has forayed into thematic based programmes and activities in 2016. The school terms were clearly denoted by thematic activities and displays that titillated pupils’ interest and learning and increased their readership. Pupils delved into the activities and explored the different themes with alacrity and enjoyment.            

Term 1 showcased “Mystery-based” activities planned by the MRL Team. Term 2 boosted programmes that enabled pupils to explore “All About Genres”. In Term 3, pupils were led to “Discover Local Authors” and entered the fascinating world of local talent. Term 4 was a wicked discovery of “Halloween Trick and Treats” as well as a blast during Children’s Day with a galore of brand new books chosen by the pupils themselves. All four terms enjoyed programmes from Civica and NLB.
P2 Per- Krupa Palaniappan says, “You have good activities to encourage children to read more interesting books.”
P3 Com- Nur Ilya Shahirah Binte Md Aizul exults, “I love all the activities in the MRL Programme!”

 P4 App- Nur Nabilah Binte Ismail notes, “I can read more books to improve my English.”  

 P5 Com – Dadi Shravya remarks, “The activities are filled with fun and I hope that there are more activities in the future.”