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Mother Tongue Language Fortnight cum Cultural Camp

The annual Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight was held from 13 to 24 July this year. Our MT Department had put together a myriad of activities for exposure to the various MT languages (CL/ML/TL) and cultures. To encourage our pupils to use their MT as a ‘Living Language’, gaining a deeper understanding of their own culture in the process, the different activities organized by the MT teachers were:

 For CL, our CL teachers organised a series of competitions, such as story-telling, paper-cutting and fan-making. P4 and P5 students also had the opportunity to attend a comic-drawing workshop where they learnt many useful Chinese idioms.


Hello everyone ! Meet our super story-tellers!


Ta-dah! Check out our interesting comic characters!


Beautiful Chinese poem fans made by our P5 CL students.

ML pupils enriched their lessons in a fun and interactive manner where they played traditional games such as Congkak and became instant mini chefs in making Hari Raya ‘Kuih’. Upper Primary pupils also worked in pairs to do a PowerPoint presentation on Malay Traditional Food.


This is fun! Can we play another round please?


Shhh...! Busy little chefs at work with their delicious "Epok-epok"! Would you like to try some?

Learning journeys to Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre and Indian Heritage Centre were organised for our Tamil pupils to learn about their rich heritage and culture. They also attended a Villu Paatu workshop to learn more about this traditional Indian musical performance.


Care to join us in playing an exciting game at the Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre?

The annual Primary 2 and 3 Mother Tongue Cultural Camp is an event organised by the Mother Tongue department hemmed by various vendors and Mother Tongue teachers. It provides a platform for learning more about Mother Tongue Languages in an enjoyable and authentic environment. Pupils get to experience cultures through arrays of interesting activities such as Chinese bean portrait, clay doll-making, playing of the Gamelan and Kompang instrument, Kolam-making and so on. Pupils were highly engaged and motivated in learning about their culture through these activities.


Students had a whale of a time in these activities!