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Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 2018

The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight took centre stage in Term 2 Week 3 and 4. It aimed to create an immersive environment for the learning of Mother Tongue. During the two consecutive weeks, a wide range of activities related to all the three languages and cultures were conducted. These activities provided authentic opportunities for students to use their Mother Tongue languages and experience the cultures. Students were exposed to a wide range of fun-filled language and cultural activities related to Chinese, Malay and Tamil languages. Activities organised were class competitions, workshops, recess activities and a sharing. All these activities added to the fun and fervour of learning Mother Tongue. These platforms provided pupils with an authentic environment to appreciate the cultures. This experiential learning has definitely created a joy of learning in students.

Recess Activity - Malay Kuih Making Session
Recess Activity - Malay Kuih Making Session.jpg

Chinese Calligraphy                                                                                 Recess Activity - Chinese Chess
Chinese Calligraphy.JPGRecess Activity - Chinese Chess.JPG

Recess Activity - Chopstick Game                                                  MTL Fortnight Assembly
Recess Activity - Chopstick Game.JPG
MTL Fortnight Assembly.jpg

Fun-Filled Hands-On Activity                                                           The Making Of Traditional Delicacies
Fun-Filled Hands-On Activity.JPGThe Making Of Traditional Delicacies.JPG

Recess Activity - Malay Traditional Games In Action!
Recess Activity - Malay Traditional Games In Action!.jpg