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Learning Journey to the NEWater Visitor Centre for the Primary 3

As part of National Education, our P3 pupils went to the NEWater Plant and Visitor Centre on 10 April 2015. They were there to learn more about the value of water and how Singapore is able to obtain freshwater from sea water. This ability has allowed Singapore to move towards independence from our neighbouring countries for precious water which currently enters Singapore through huge pipes.

 This learning journey was subsequently linked to an assembly talk on the theme of “Water Conservation” presented by Public Utilities Board (PUB). The learning was then further enriched by a reflection that pupils had to do after a classroom discussion led by their Social Studies teachers.

 A questionnaire developed by PUB was conducted to stimulate pupils’ thinking on Singapore’s water supply.

Nur Aliyah, a pupil from P3 Perseverance, commented, “I enjoyed the learning journey. I learnt that water is precious”.  Her classmate, Charlene Ng, added, “I have learnt different ways of conserving water. For example, we can water the plants with a can instead of a garden hose”.
Do you know what are the 4 sources of water in Singapore?

The fastest person gets to answer questions on the interactive panels.

Seating in the dark to watch a video clip on Singapore’s 4 sources of water. 

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