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Kranjians Overseas Learning Journey to Bali, Indonesia, 6th to 9th June 2015


On 5 June 2015, 30 Primary 5 pupils, accompanied by 4 teachers set off on a memorable Learning Journey to Bali .The objectives of this learning journey were to develop 21st century competencies of global awareness and cross-cultural skills in our pupils, so as to increase their knowledge and sensitivity to different cultures, to deepen their’ commitment and rootedness to Singapore as well as character building in the process.

The 4-day trip to various parts of Bali, brought about an amazing insight into how unique Bali is. Some of the interesting places visited were the beautiful ancient Royal Temple of Taman Ayun built on land surrounded by a big fish pond and looking like a drift on the water. The temple has a multi-storeyed roof featuring Balinese Architecture. It was here that our pupils first learnt the significance of the Balinese cultures, religious practices and belief.

Next, the pupils travelled to Tanah Lot Temple, a very famous Balinese destination. The temple is on the coastal side of Beraban and built on a rock. It also gives a spectacular view of the sunset.

The pupils were very fortunate to be hosted by a local school, especially as they were treated to a Balinese welcome and garlanded by the head of the institution. Here our pupils performed two of our Singapore songs which they had diligently practised every evening as well as throughout the bus journey. The experience of being Balinese pupils in their primary school was priceless!

The highlight of the journey was the experience of walking along the narrow paths beside the paddy fields, getting into the muddy waters to plant paddy seedlings and sitting on the cattle across the field. Though the pupils were covered with mud, they had a satisfying and exhilarating time learning about the life of a rice farmer.

At the end of the journey, not only had our pupils returned home with valuable learning experiences, they had also established a closer relationship and understanding of Bali and their people.


Bali 1.jpgThe intricate gateway of the former Ubud Royal Palace


A unique welcome by the performers at the Bali Cultural Centre .   

bali 2.jpg

Learning to weave and make ‘Canang Sari ’ , a Balinese  offering basket at the Bali Cultural Centre


Students also had the opportunity to experience rice farming and learn more about how the locals use irrigation to flood the paddy field.  


Kranjians also interacted with students from the Anugrah School.  Besides performing a short item to appreciate their host, they also attended art and craft as well as music lessons conducted by the local teachers.
Bali 3.jpg

One of the many rehearsals that the pupils had done for their performance at the local school in Bali .




Proudly performing songs that depicts Singapore’s vibrancy in front of the pupils and teachers from Yayasan Anugrah Indah, Bali .