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KPS Celebrates Singapore's Golden Jubilee


Kranji Primary celebrated SG 50 on 6 Aug in a Big Way as this was our opportunity to demonstrate how much we appreciated our Nation State’s Golden Jubilee!

The theme for the celebration was Appreciate, Celebrate and Envision.  The activities were planned and designed to support his theme.  Planning began in May and culminated in a Concert which Pupils, Teachers, Parents and Pioneers attended.  The outcome was an overwhelming out-pouring of Elation and Joy from the audience, especially the pupils!

On 6 Aug, we were blessed with clear skies and the school assembled in the Quadrangle at 0730 for the National Day Observance Ceremony followed by ‘Recollections’.  The march pass and flag raising ceremony was timed and executed to pin-point perfection by the Scouts and Student Leaders respectively.  At 0755, the school population demonstrated their Appreciation for our founding fathers’ contributions and sacrifice during the war years and early days of independence by solemnly reciting the ‘Recollections’ Script.  After this, Mrs Loh read the National Day Message to the school.  


At 0820, the pupils adjourned to their classes and together with their form teachers, collectively Celebrated our nation’s success by partaking in the ‘Build My SG’ Activity.  Many pupils went one step further to Envision what they would like Singapore to be like in the future by creating a future scape of our National Icons with the use of Lego Bricks!  This was also the segment where pupils had the opportunity to eat with their classmates and teachers in class.

At 0930 the school gathered in the hall for the concert.  The entire school exploded into rapturous applause when Mrs Loh led a contingent of teachers by running into the hall after completing the last leg of the 50KM Kranji Challenge!  This was followed by the unveiling of the Kranji Quilt.  School leaders and pioneers were invited on stage to fit the last pieces of the jigsaw to complete the 1900 ‘Kranji Quilt’.  

The making of KPS SG50 Quilt

Kranjians were also encouraged to participate in the "Pioneer and I" Photo Challenge. 

Energetic community singing and dance routines followed and this got the pupils, teachers and parents singing and tapping their feet to the catchy tunes.  The tempo of the concert reached a feverish pitch and culminated with the solo performance of pupil emcee - Jefferson singing his rendition of Dick Lee’s ‘Our Singapore’!  The school joined in and the SG 50 Celebrations ended with the singing of the National Anthem.