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KPS Celebrates Singapore's 52nd National Day


Our scouts marching in with the National Flag for the Observance Ceremony         

Kranji Primary School was a sea of red and white on 8 August 2017 as we celebrated Singapore's 52nd birthday where we aimed to foster national identity and instill pride for Singapore among students. The celebration kicked off with a formal observance ceremony led by our scouts and student leaders. 



Reciting the pledge together which symbolises loyalty to the nation and Recitation of the ‘Recollections’ where all Kranjians recount the key phases of Singapore’s history

It was followed by the recitation of the Singapore recollections and ended off with the reading of National Day message by our Principal. This year’s National Day theme is a rallying call to unite all Singaporeans. ‘One Nation’ is to remind Singaporeans that regardless of origin and background, we belong as one people and one nation. It encourages Singaporeans to harness our diversity and to leave no one behind as we strive towards an even brighter future. ‘Together’ emphasizes the importance of unity in times of uncertainty and challenges ahead and represents a call-to-action for all Singaporeans to overcome the odds together.

As part of our nation’s 52nd birthday celebration, everyone was treated to a play put up by Drama Arts titled “One Story, Many Parts” where it showcased the small acts of heroism that collectively saw Singapore recover from one of its darkest moments.




For the second segment of the celebration, all Kranjians were swept up in a mood of exuberant celebration, reveling in a concert which featured song and dance performances put up our very own Kranjians and how they learn to appreciate our diversity in Singapore through music and dance. The day’s event culminated in spirited singing of National Day songs that was filled with pride and patriotism. It was certainly a day filled with joy and solidarity.