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Eye Care Week

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In conjunction with Health Promotion Board's initiative of Eye Care Week, our school conducted a variety of activities from 18 to 22 May 2015 to educate pupils about myopia and ways to take care of their eyes. The programme started off with an assembly talk about good eye care habits and they were also introduced to a video that demonstrates simple techniques on massaging their eyes. Darren Sim from 4 Integrity said, “The video was very useful as it helped me to learn how to massage my eyes when I feel very tired from doing work.”

 Research studies have shown that children who take part in outdoor physical activities have a lower risk of developing myopia. Hence, exciting activities such as waveboarding were organized for students to play at the basketball courts during their recess. Fun energizers were also conducted during pupils' physical education lessons. Through Eye Care Week, our pupils are now making a more conscious effort to practise good eye care habits.

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Learning waveboard with  friends  is so fun!