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Cyber Wellness Week

To promote the positive well-being of all Kranjians, the Cyber Wellness (CW) Week was held from 13 to 17 April this year. With a fun and interactive talk by an engaging speaker from Touch Community to kick start the event, pupils were equipped with knowledge and competencies to develop them into safe, respectful and responsible online users. Various educational activities, conducted by our very own CW STAR ambassadors, were held during the recesses to raise pupils’ awareness of the different aspects of Cyber Wellness.

“As a STAR ambassador, I think that the activities were useful for all Kranjians so that they can practice good online behaviour when they are at home,” said Syarifah Syaza Syafiah Binte Syed Ahmad who is from 4 Perseverance. “They are also able to try the websites and games that encourage good online practices.” 


Creative posters and comics created by the CW STAR ambassadors.

A fun game of Tic-Tac-Toe with friends.

On a Cyber Wellness adventure with the C-quest using IPads.