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Blood Pressure Initiative Programme

There was an air of excitement and anticipation about the Primary Five pupils as they embarked into the AVA room, the venue for the Blood Pressure Initiative Programme.     

The pupils were all ears as the trainer from Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) enlightened the pupils about the importance of knowing the optimal blood pressure reading and the causes of high blood pressure. Under the careful guidance of the trainer, parent volunteers and teachers, the pupils had an engaging hands-on session, measuring each other’s blood pressure.

 “It’s really exciting to measure my friend’s blood pressure and I’m glad that I’ve learnt how to operate the Blood Pressure Monitor,” said Tanya Tan of 5 Joy.

 At the end of the one-hour programme, the pupils were given a special assignment. Each pupil took home a blood pressure monitor to take their family members’ blood pressure readings. Through this action, they would play the role of health ambassadors, influencing their family members to constantly monitor their blood pressure readings and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

 “After this programme, I hope to educate my family members about the dangers of high blood pressure. I would be helping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle too,” said Seri Maisarah Binte Hairol Saleh of 5 Perseverance.


A talk close to their hearts!
 Miss Grace from the Singapore Heart Foundation engaged pupils with information about High Blood Pressure.

pic2.jpgParent volunteers supporting the programme and assisting the pupils during the hands-on session.


Can I take your blood pressure? It’s hands-on session time! Pupils put into practice when they have learnt