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2016 P6 Parents’ Briefing

Parents of Primary 6 pupils are invited to the P6 Parents’ Briefing yearly. It is an important session where parents have a better understanding of the PSLE format. They were also updated on the areas of concern for core subjects and the school’s support programmes for the pupils. 

This year, parents attended the briefing on the afternoon of 19 February 2016, Friday. Parents were encouraged to help their children in setting targets and making plans to achieve their goals. Besides, parents had a classroom session with Form and Co-form Teachers whereby the teachers shared with parents on how they could monitor their children’s well-being in their learning journey.  

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Mr Simon Gan, our vice-principal, sharing with parents on helping their children to set targets, while IP Heads sharing with parents areas of concerns and the school’s support programmes for P6 pupils. 

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Classroom Session with Teachers