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2016 P4 Parents' Briefing

The Primary 4 Parents’ Briefing commenced on a great note with parents arriving enthusiastically to gather pertinent details about their children’s holistic progression for the year and the ensuing years.

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Salient details were shared by the Principal on aspects pertaining to pupils’ progression to Standard and Foundation Subjects after Subject-based Banding. She also impressed upon the audience, the importance of providing our pupils with a holistic education, focused on both academic and non-academic areas.

 Heads of Department for English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue spoke about the efforts of teachers from the various departments, in promoting holistic education.

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A briefing on the eagerly awaited P4 Camp by the PE and Aesthetics Coordinator.

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An enlightening and informative session for parents to clarify any doubts they had with their children’s form teachers.